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Access Control System
About Firm


Elkosta Polska Security Systems Sp. z o.o. was established in the beginning of 2001, with only 3 employees. As the sole Polish agent of Elkosta Gmbh with the seat in Germany for the territory of Poland, our company focused on sale of the company products of the company. Our offer included, among other products, gates, fencing, "kilers", turnstiles and also access control systems.

Within the first year of our operation, Elkosta Polska added to its offer products of other domestic and foreign companies dealing with safety and protection, among others: Automatic Systems offering barriers and turnstiles; Geutebrück providing industrial television systems; and NFB - a producer of hangar gates.

Dynamic development of the company in 2002 brought about the need to change its seat, so the facilities were moved from Kamienna Street to Żółkiewskiego Street. Moreover, our personnel increased to 10 people. Administration and commercial facilities were developed, creating professional commercial division responsible for effective sales and customer relations. We also established our own service and installation team including qualified employees of different professions.

A larger offer and additional sale of products not only from Elkosta Gmbh resulted in the decision regarding the change of company name into Polkosta Sp. z o.o.. Therefore, our company has been operating as Polkosta Sp. z o.o. since the beginning of 2003.

The main objective of our new strategy was also to popularise the brand Polkosta in Poland, hence we established a branch company Polkosta Południe located in Gliwice. It presents our offer to customers from Silesia.

We also try to introduce technological innovations and search for new solutions regarding mechanical and electronic improvements in order to fully satisfy our customers, offering the best, most efficient and modern products.

We cooperate with the following foreign companies:

  • IDL
  • Genius
  • Grupa Faac
  • Urbaco
  • Tescon

63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski
ul. Żółkiewskiego 3
tel. +48 (0) 62 5910071
fax +48 (0) 62 5910072
e-mail: polkosta@polkosta.pl


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